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Everyone's a winner at Lansdown Park Academy Sports Day

There was high excitement at Lansdown Park Academy's sports day this July, as pupils from Rush Hill and Stockwood came together to compete for glory.

The games, held on Stockwood's school field, were split into two sections – team races and individual competitions.

To make things even more interesting, pupils were put into four teams that were a mix of age groups and school classes.

Together they competed in javelin throwing, a three-legged race, an obstacle course, and a relay.

Stockwood’s Primary Lead Ben Gentle, who organised the event alongside HLTAs Ricky Leech and Justin Watts, said the most impressive achievement on the day was teamwork.

Ben said: "We had a terrific sports day that proved the value of great teamwork.

"We wanted to challenge the pupils by putting them into teams with children they'd only just met and mixed the age groups too.

"The team's success depended on their ability to work collectively. It was fantastic to see the pupils step up and do so well."

There was a fantastic atmosphere on the field, especially when parents arrived to cheer on their sporting champs.

The individual games included 50-metre sprints, wheelbarrow and egg and spoon races, and teachers ran a race too.

At the end of the events, each pupil received a medal to take home.

Ben added: "It was a fantastic celebration at the end of an excellent day for all of us.

"To get out of the classroom and into the sunshine was a treat, and it was brilliant to see the pupils mixing well.

"What we love about sport is how it brings children together and the day helped pupils build new relationships.

"We're looking forward to putting on more joint ventures for Rush Hill and Stockwood in the next school year."