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Academy Councillors

Each of our Academies have an Academy Council which acts like a governing body with representatives from the local community, parent/carers, staff representatives and other volunteers interested in helping develop the provision. If you are interested please contact the Headteacher or Chair of the Academy Council for that academy.

The role of the Academy Council

In summary the role of the Academy Council is:

  • to provide advice to the Trustees on the functioning of that academy
  • act as a link between the Academy Trust, parents and the academy community
  • act as a sounding board for the Head and Senior Leadership Team and offer challenging but positive support to the Head
  • continually review the overall impact of the academy
  • assist with and review the implementation of certain academy policies, such as student admissions and behaviour.

The Academy Council is made up of individuals who may or may not also be Trustees

Find out more about becoming one of our academy councillors.

Below are all our policies, terms of reference and structures for our academy councils.