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Learn@ MAT

Learn@ MAT


A welcome to all from Peter Evans the CEO of Learn@ MAT

Welcome to Learn@ Multi-Academy Trust

The Learn@ group of academies and alternative providers serve the West of England with specialist education for children aged five through to 19 who have a variety of needs.

I am very proud to be part of this innovative and unique arrangement to provide quality teaching and learning through our five Academies with plans for two new free schools to open in Gloucestershire and North Somerset in the next few years.

Across Learn@ we recognise that we are all different and life is not always equal and fair. Many young people have special needs and have had traumatic early life experiences, which often result in their early educational experiences being challenging and negative.  Our aims are to support all children and help them recognise their own worth, raise their self-esteem and re-engage them in successful learning with a wide, relevant and rich curriculum.

Our Academies

Our three special school Academies provide education for young people aged 5 to 19 who have a variety of needs that may be social, emotional, affecting their mental health or communication skills. 

Knowle DGE Academy mainly has students from across Bristol and North Somerset to access school during the day with the opportunity for weekday ‘short breaks’ at its on-site accommodation.  Soundwell Academy is a very similar provision based in South Gloucestershire and offering places across South Gloucestershire, Bristol and BATHNES. Notton House Academy is based in Wiltshire but is quite unique in accommodating male students Monday to Friday from Bristol and the surrounding area.

All of these Academies offer a wide range of individually tailored national curriculum and vocational learning in small groups.  Most of our students will have an Education, Health and Care Plan (EHCP) before they arrive but in some circumstances we can offer a place for assessment.

Alternative providers

St Matthias (Key Stage 3 and 4) and Lansdown Park (Key Stage 1 - 4) are alternative school providers working closely with mainstream schools in Bristol and BATHNES to both prevent exclusions and support young people who have been excluded or at risk of exclusion.

We provide challenging 12-week programmes, which prepare and support a young person’s successful return to a mainstream school.  Some students benefit from an extended placement with us, which involves an in-depth assessment of their needs and potential transfer to a specialist school.

Contact us for support

Please take the time to look at all our Academies in more detail through the links provided and contact them directly if you wish to arrange a visit.

If you are on the difficult journey of choosing a new school for your child, please do not hesitate to call me on 0117 456 6513. We are here to help you give your child a positive future.


Peter Evans

Chief Executive Officer

Learn@ Multi-Academy Trust