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Bright future for Lansdown Park Academy as remodelling begins

A project to upgrade facilities at Lansdown Park Academy’s Stockwood site is underway and promises to deliver an enhanced learning environment to pupils. 

Head Teacher Paul Todd says that an investment of £400,000 has been made to upgrade and improve the facilities at the school. 

The major construction work involves reconfiguring teaching spaces to make them more suitable for Lansdown Park’s class sizes. 

Plans are in place to paint the school in clean, neutral colours to brighten the interiors. 

The school will also be switching to more sustainable LED bulbs throughout, and the integration of skylights will help bring more natural light in. 

Everyone working on the project is excited about what the changes will mean for pupils as they return for the new school year in September. 

During the holidays, Paul Todd dropped in to catch up with site manager Mark Hayfield to see the progress so far. 

Paul Todd said: “This work has been a long time coming, and it’s fantastic to see the crew getting on with the job. 

“It’s funded by a government grant focused on fire safety, but the project has allowed us to enhance the building in many other ways. 

“Smith & Brenson Construction and Maintenance are implanting our plans for bright, light spaces that are pleasant to spend time in. 

“It’s exciting to see the plans taking shape and think about how much better the building will serve pupils and staff.” 

The project, which began in July, is likely to take ten weeks, and Paul Todd hopes it’ll be completed by the early part of term one. 

In addition to the interior work, the school will also pay for external painting and the development of a new primary playground from its funds. 

Paul Todd said: “By the start of term two, we are hoping that Stockwood is going to look quite different. 

“Ever since the work began, the pupils have been intrigued about what it will look like when it’s finished. 

“We can’t wait to unveil the new and improved school and start using the space to make a difference in the lives of our pupils.”